Tuesday, July 2, 2013

I'd be a rude bugger too if you gave me $100 note for a $2 bus ticket

There have been reports lately about bus drivers being rude and leaving passengers behind because they didn’t have the correct fair. This brought about a plethora of complaints about rude and sort-wicked drivers. Yeah, we all know about people who hate their jobs and in the case of a career ‘dysfunctionally’ motivated bus driver, it impacts on the start of our day. Who wants a grumpy bad tempered foul mouthed driver taking our very lives in hand? Not me!
BUT---- give a thought for the drivers. They are people too and I bet you would get a bit upset if confronted with some of the antics of todays’ ravelling public. If presented with a large denomination note and then expect an efficient change-giving driver, then think again. You are not only pissing him/her off, you are inconveniencing your travelling mates and prospective passengers. Why the hell should we all wait while you cast about in your pockets for the right change or hold your hands out for the change. He’s a driver, not a bloody banker or a ‘money launderer’ for God’s sake!
Another point: in this day and age, go get modern and get yourself a Hop Card or at least organize yourself to have something that resembles the near-change for the fair---- Got the message? The bus drivers will now be all lovely and friendly and they will welcome you to their second homes and your day will get off to a great start. Leave Brit----OOPS---- THE BUS DRIVERS ALONE!

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