Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Japan makes the claim that 'we have long lived with nature.' yeah right!

I know that Australia, support by New Zealand is taking Japan to task re the latter’s continuing to exploit whales, all in the name of ‘scientific research.’ Japan says that Australia and New Zealand’ actions are tantamount to a return to the colonial days of the past whereby nations had a ‘civilizing and missionary like message for the countries they were colonizing. Japan also made the claim that it has ‘long lived in tune’ with nature.
Come on japan! Surely your high standard of living comes at the cost of pollution in those countries you buy your raw materials form. No country is exempt in the manner you claim, so don’t use that argument to justify the continued slaughter of whales. I do not mean to single you out, but your argument is a bit rich, considering the huge holes in the ground and social upheaval that your standard of living (along with New Zealand and Australia of course!) causes third world nations.
I admit that New Zealand and Australia will bring up arguments that are equally galling to you, so I am trying to stay balanced. I shall watch the proceeding with intense interest---that of the whales!

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