Saturday, May 18, 2013

I know I gotta start soon.. I just have too, but where to begin!

Yes, the wardrobe is beckoning me----indeed it is imploring me to lighten up its load. The sounds of my clothes battling for space and yet, I must say goodbye to about half of the residents of that overcrowded  wardrobe. It is time to move on and get rid of those bulky over-sized shirts, jeans and tops. Sorry my dear loyal 'accoutrements,' but you really don't suit me any more; you just don't fit. You make me look like a man who has fallen on hard times and robbed the local clotheslines in order to keep attired. I won't throw you into the rubbish bins. You deserve better than that, so it's off to various places where you can have another life. You are after all not all threadbare and lacking in personality; you have the capability to keep others warm and decent. I shall think of you as I make friends with newer models; nothing too pretentious, just good down to earth items that will accompany me on the remainder of my new journey. So, farewell to the old and bring in the new! Losing 27 kilogrammes is enough to bring about changes in many aspects of my life. Feel free to contact me, my dear readers, if you wish to 'chat' about 'your' journey down the road to better health. Just hook into my website by typing in  in the address bar at the top left hand corner of the window and follow the links.

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