Saturday, May 18, 2013

Bill English says that the Government is going to close the gap between rich and poor---Yeah right!

Bill English must take the people in NZ for idiots, particularly those who he describes as poor. He quotes the list of things his Government has done and will be doing. I shall be watching that space to see the action that will lift people out of poverty, ill health and poor housing conditions. What he says is 'extra' spending on the part of Government most probably comes from other areas of Government spending in areas that are already suffering.
His words are just a cynical off the cuff load of patronizing crap. His Government is not about to offend their friends in industry, the property tycoons or any other sector that benefits from the National Party's continuing in power. I doubt very much that he is going to emulate the stated aims of his friends in the Conservative Party in the UK who say they are going after the big businesses who pay little or no tax. We are a small economy but I am sure the same cosy big business/Government relationships exist in New Zealand, just on a smaller scale.
Do I have any faith in the NZ Labour Party and their friends? NO---once they achieve power again, no doubt the 'reality' of NZ's huge debts will dictate a watering down of their public statements about what they wish to achieve. That is a fact of life for any Government. Policies in the real world are usually  a shadow-version of espoused political philosophy. As for the 'also-rans'---they can say what they like, because their chances of being in power are remote to say the least. At best, the can sidle on up to one of the two main parties and have a small influence on the Government of the day; the exception of this, would be the ACT Party driving the initiative for Charter Schools.
So when Bill English plays the good witch from 'wherever,' take his words with a dose of ---'What a load of shite.'

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