Monday, May 20, 2013

Perdy wants a beach holiday this year at Xmas.

Yes, I was sternly told that it is about time that we took Perdy away for a beach holiday this year. She wants a bach, somewhere on the Thames Coastline and one that welcomes Jack Russells. She said that she won't make a mess and most of the day she will be with us and out and about.  Mind you we already know that doggies are not really welcome in the main street, but we can live with that. I have tried a local agent and I hope that they get back to us so that I can pack Perdy's bags, bones and toys. I hope there are other crazy dogs there so Perdy can make some special new friends. Hopefully Sea raealty will get back to us, otherwise one of you may know where we can find a nice bach. 

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