Monday, May 20, 2013

From Russia with love!

From the time I began writing blogs I was pleasantly surprised by the number of readers I seemed to be getting from Russia. I know that initially I made jokes about that, because there is a fairly high number of Russian woman seeking New Zealand blokes for ‘relationships,’ especially in the time when Russia was going through turbulent economic times. I have no idea how that is panning out now. Of course I alluded to the fact that if I was a target for some amorous Russian ‘beauty’ then they were indeed ‘barking up the wrong tree.’ Let’s leave that for now eh, and focus on more plausible reasons for the larger and once again increasing number of Russian readers.
 I now assume that there is a bit of interest on the part of my readers on the land of many time zones and for that I most willingly respond. I would love to get some feedback, especially for my very upfront and maybe a little risky outbursts about your wonderful leader, Mr Putin. I know I have been a little critical of him and liken him to one of the power hungry men from the past. His lust for power is not of course dissimilar to many politicians in numerous countries. The one thing that we can say about the USA of course is that nay President is limited to no more than two terms in office. That Mr Putin manages to ‘change the rules’ about that issue speaks volumes for processes in the modern Russia.
New Zealand and Russia and natural trading partners and I hope that we receive many more Russian visitors and that NZers travel to your huge and wonderful country. My wish is to travel from Moscow on the Trans-Siberian Railway, all the way to the Pacific. Then it’s just a pleasant sail down through the Pacific to New Zealand---- Just a few Islands and pirate-ridden seas to traverse.
Keep reading my blogs my Russian friends. You are once again catching up with Australia. Maybe I have put them off by insulting them. They are tough though, just like Kiwis!

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