Saturday, April 6, 2013

Post-operation food---I shall make the best of it!

Hey, just because I ain't the man I used to be, stomach wise, I still love my food, albeit it in a much safer manner. I had a good nights sleep and woke up feeling ready to continue my new life. I had made quite a bit of preparation re  my 'new food intake' before the operation.
Firstly I had simmered a few chicken carcasses with some vegetables with couple of bay leaves and a teaspoon of ginger and garlic. I strained the mixture through a sieve and then continued the simmering to concentrate the flavour. After it had cooled I put it in the fridge overnight and then lifted off the fat. What was left was a thick jelly-like substance, bursting with flavour. I then froze serving size (very small of course) portions, ready for my return home. These have been wonderful as a basis for wonderful chicken broth, so unlike the hospital stuff.
I also got  friends and family to pick up some feijoas form the garden (these are a South American fruit that grows so well in New Zealand) and stewed them with some apples. That too went into the fridge and freezer, so there's my breakfasts when mixed with unsweetened yogurts. I mixed a tiny portion of wheetbix with that this morning and managed really well. Yes, I am still only eating about an eggcup full for my meals. Once the dietician gives me the go ahead for an egg, I shall be more than happy.
Today, my tummy is sore and it looks a bit bruised where the 5 holes were made for the keyhole surgery. That is normal and not worrying me too much. I shall go out for a gentle walk later with my sister and Rio. Of course Perdy's coming, but on a long leash, cause stuffed if I could catch her at the moment. I can tell she knows something is different about me, because she keeps looking at me and sits right by me. Isn't that sweet! 

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