Friday, April 5, 2013

The operation and the hospital--and after!

I’m back and it’s done and dusted. Thank God. Yes, I did have last minute thoughts about the whole process, my reasons for embarking on this journey. I thought about what had led up to the necessity of having the gastric sleeve and it was a no brainer. Simply put----for me it was either do this or face up to the strong possibility of having along slow demise with lots of complications. I am who I am and this way is the best for me---simple---end of discussion!           

We packed my bag and headed for the hospital----the Ascot. Remember I have to pay for this (with a little help from my insurance) because the free public system says I am too old but don’t accept that by doing it they would save much more money down the line with the complications of a ‘fattening’ New Zealand population.

We arrived early, a mistake on my part. Actually they didn’t mind as they had to put me through quite a lot of questions and kept getting interrupted. I changed into a backwards facing blue gown (see the pictures) and was placed in a very comfortable bed with lots of warm bubbly stuff over me with pulsating wrappers on my legs. I relaxed into the procedure and the surgeon and anaesthetist came to see me (I think?) From the point that he put a needle into me----it all happened and I woke up in a recovery ward. I remember vaguely calling someone ‘Vladimir’ and asking to stay there because the people looked nice and friendly. God knows what else I said, but the nurses who took me to my nice little private room overlooking the racecourse had some wry smiles on their faces. They said I had asked why Perdy couldn’t stay with me.

I was visited by the surgeon once I had settled onto my bed in the room and he told me that everything went well and that I did not have a hiatus hernia. From then on for the next 36 hours it was all about getting me ready to leave. The nurses were lovely and yes, I did have my favourites. I was encouraged to get onto my feet almost immediately so I made it a habit to wander around the floor, regularly getting lost and needing direction back to my lovely room.

The operation took place at 3 pm on Thursday and I spent the rest of that day, taking medication, having my blood pressure taken every so often and having blood sugar tests. They immediately said that I know longer needed my drugs for diabetes and that the blood pressure pills will be lowered very soon.

Guess what---I was not hungry in the slightest. I heard the ladies delivering what seemed like very nice food to other rooms. I was encouraged to drink (sip) about one and a half litres of water. I managed that quite well. That night I was up a bit and had to sleep almost sitting up. I eventually got to sleep and morning came soon enough.

Friday was more of the same. Medication, injections for clotting and God knows what else. I was comfortable though. Lunch came but it was almost inedible for me. Somehow they brought a creamy chicken soup and yogurt. They said, ‘just sip what you can.’ No way could I eat that soup, but I managed a tiny bit of the yogurt without any dire results.  More medication and wandering around the floor. More smiles as I got lost yet again, but the walking did me good. They had discarded the stockings that were meant to prevent clotting and also the machine that pumped all night to inflate something wrapped around my legs. Actually, several times in the night I thought that Perdy was in bed. It felt like her little body moving against my legs, just like she does at home. Dinner was the same and they made the same mistake. Stuff that soup. I ate the yogurt.

Friday morning arrived and more of the same but the only difference was that I was due to leave. The surgeon visited again and told me how well I had done. Janice (my sister) came and after receiving my final instructions I was let lose. I had a wonderful surprise when I got home. The bedroom looked fantastic. It was clean and dusted and de-cluttered. Lovely!

Now, I am going for a walk around the mall. That is what I must do---be active within sensible parameters. Perdy will get a walk later with Rio. I can take her tomorrow.

Wow---all this in 48 hours. Things have changed eh. Now I look forward to making a speedy recovery. Thanks to all of you for your encouragement and kind thoughts. Lots of love



after Optifast Lost about 12 KGS)
My legs were continually pumped to help with circulation.
There are 5 holes (just 4 visible) where they 'went in.'  Yeah In know---ugly sight!
That bed was quite good, actually.

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