Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The day after tomorrow will be a new dawn!

Yeah that sucks as a header, I know. Tonight I had real food, the kind that I will make a permanent part of my life, albeit  in small quantities. I had steamed fish with a scattering of tasty julienned vegetables. The taste was boosted with the addition of soy sauce, some sesame oil and chillies. If that is my future or at least an example of it, I shall be happy enough. With my love of exploring ethnic food choices, I think there will still be a place for me to visit my favourite food halls.
I am ready for tomorrow. I shall get up, have a light breakfast and take Perdy for her walk down at the 'bay.' We shall spend about 40 minutes there before we come home and get ready for my hospital stay. I shall have a my last fluid at ten and then check into the hospital (The Ascot) by 11.30.
I shall be visited by the surgeon, nurse and anaesthetist before they send me not a drugged out state and do the job. I will wake up in my hotel-like room (remember I have to pay for this----very short-sighted of the government--I shall revisit that in a future blog) and have complete control over any discomfort. Yes, I shall have a little switch that I can activate to receive a burst of opium----yip, you read it correctly---opium. I can't overdose, so don't worry, I will not come out of hospital looking for a back street deal.
Will I be bale to relax in the luxury of my room? Hell no. I will be encouraged to drink two litres of ice water and to move about as much as I can, sporting my very sexy white stockings to prevent the any clots. I will be offered a sleeping pill, in order to escape into a peaceful sleep. aided of course by my good friend, Elle. Oh, Elle is my CPAC machine. Next morning I will breakfast on  a few teaspoons of yoghurt and stewed fruit. Lunch will be equally exciting, but I must earn it. I shall exercise by touring the ward, saying hi to other residents of my fine 'hotel.' Between my exertions, I will be attended to by my dietician, who will instruct me in my future gastronomic adventures, at least for the short term. Then  there will be more exercises and a quick 'pop in' from the surgeon so he can admire the successful results of his labours. I will be looking forward to my visitors, so I must be ready for them. I hope I don't look like 'death warmed up,' but I am prepared for those looks that scream---'why did you do this?' but I think they have a good deal of knowledge about the procedure. Those that don't will probably stay away.
If (and it will) all goes well, I shall be discharged on Saturday morning (NZ time) and my sister and partner will take me home to Perdy. I hope she doesn't jump on me! I'm off to bed now and you will hear from me again late Saturday. May I send a huge thanks to all of you who have sent me messages, via Facebook and  other media. You don't know how much that means to me. Catch ya later!

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