Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Politicians and wanna be 'copies' beware--The Civilian is on your case!

Good on you Mr Uffindell, for your 'satirical' efforts in reporting the 'news.' New Zealand has been waiting for such a momentous mouthpiece that tells us as it 'could be.' That Dear Leader,' Colin Craig, Leader of the fledgling Conservative Party, and possible 'bedfellow' for John Key and the National Party (who is so sad that his soul mate,  Banksie appears to be slipping beneath the sheets) Takes offence is a warning shot across the bows that if he ever gets into Parliament he will bore us to death. We shall all be checking out the website for The Civilian in order to keep abreast of important 'events' and to make sure our politicians are doping what we sent them to 'Play School' to do-----run the country and keep us happy. If they fail in this simple duty, then The Civilian will rip into them and expose their 'soft parts' so that 'we,' the populace will take revenge upon them at the first opportunity. Any politician not meeting the minimum standard (and that is very low) will be demoted to the role that the rest of 'us' face on a daily basis. Such is life. For those aspiring 'Play School' candidates, lighten up and smell the aroma of the coffee, drifting from the secure windows of the cafes in the building to which you wish to gain access.

PS--- NO quotes from Ben Uffindell were used in the composing of this blog.

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