Monday, April 22, 2013

Quinoa the wonder food.

The ancient Aztecs grew Quinoa (pronounced, keen wa) in quite inhospitable areas and it was only when the Spanish conquered them that they were forced to change to the beans and squash regime. With the-emergence of this 'ancient grain' that we have seen a resurgence of Quinoa and all the wonderful benefits it brings. Quinoa has iron, many vitamins and has a good amount of 'complete' protein, making it suitable for vegetarians and vegans in particular.
It is an excellent food choice for me too, now that I am unable to eat large amounts of vegetables. I shun the eating of large amounts of animal protein so this gives choice. Quinoa can be treated like rice, couscous, pasta  and used in a salad. I use the flake form to make a quick porridge and add yogurt and stewed fruit to make a nourishing and filling breakfast.
Quinoa is readily available, not just in health shops, but even in our supermarkets. The nutty flavour can be enhanced by the addition of your favourite herbs, spices and even in sweet recipes. Google them or go buy a book. Quinoa, you really 'fit the bill' as an ancient but modern super food.

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