Tuesday, April 23, 2013

It's funny how one little crusket can make a differnece!

Cruskets---It almost feels like I am eating ‘normal’ food now. These cracker type biscuits are my latest addition to the growing number of foods I can eat, since my operation. I still don’t eat bread or pasta, but that won’t be for long. In the meantime I have started eating one Crusket a day. OK, that sounds pathetic, but given the ‘base’ from which I have come (hey---I said base, not basement!) that is real progress. It’s more about what I can put on top of the crusket that counts. Take today for example. I spread a thin layer of vegemite and then placed some spinach and cottage cheese on that. Finally I added a softly poached egg. It looked great and you have no idea how good it felt eating that. The difference between that meal and my past efforts? ---Well the ‘smallness’ and the healthiness are a pretty good comparison. I was easily able to manage the meal and I am still losing weight relatively easily. Damn, I didn’t take a picture. I’m off to take Perdy for a walk, even though it is raining. I dare not think about what she will get up to if I don’t!

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