Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Eden Coffee------a winner in my books!

Since surgery, three weeks ago I have found out that I don't enjoy the taste of wine. Now, don't get me wrong: I haven't poured a glass  of my favourite vintage; I just had a tiny sip on two occasions and both times I had this overwhelming feeling that I was drinking vinegar. Holly molly, how could this be so? Maybe I have to wait until everything settles down in my modified 'insides.' Maybe my tastes have changed. I shall wait a few more weeks before I attempt (less than a thimble full) a 'tasting again.
The same can not be said for my other much loved beverage---coffee----good coffee. I have my favourites, including, Allpress, Icoco, Columbus and a particular range of coffees that come under the names Mr Black, Green and White. That café is next to Epsom Girls Grammar on Manukau Road. I like them all.
I have discovered another 'roaster, namely Eden Irresistible Coffee at the city end of Mt Eden Road. The first time I visited this establishment I was offered their 'Soul' range of beans. I liked them and as I said in a previous blog, my family and friends said it was the best coffee I have ever served them. When I returned to the shop yesterday, I asked to go a step up re strength. There is one more step after the one I brought. I informed the friendly knowledgeable guy that I would let him know what I thought. He remembered me coming in the week before. I made a cup and low and behold--- I was blown away by the aroma and the taste. I don't know the correct terminology for describing coffee and maybe I don't need to know. What is right for me is that the stronger coffee beans were that one step better. I
I informed my surgeon  on my last visit that I was drinking coffee and he seemed OK about that. I don't know if my tastes have altered in a similar way re wine, but this time in my favour. The coffee is wonderful; and I am so happy that I am bale to enjoy it. Along with the increasing variety of foods that I can eat now, I am most satisfied with the knowledge that coffee is on my list. I shall check in a few weeks and if wine is back---it will be in much reduced quantities. I guess I can use the reasoning that coffee with the frothy milk at least contains protein, something that I must include in all of my tiny meals. Trips to Eden Coffee are going to be a regular part of my regime from now on. Their coffee has a 'Fair Trade' and organic label too and it is very reasonably priced.

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