Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Why I don't have many Russian readers at the moment!

It is not because I don't figure highly as a good 'catch' for Russina women that I don't have mnay Russian readers. I think they quickly figured out some time ago that I don't have the 'attributes' that they find attractive, like, money, age and looks. After a torrid start when I first started writing blobs, they must have done thier research and arrived at the conclusion that they should look elsewhere. Of course there was always the possibility that some men were looking out for a prospective partner, but they too must have turned away.
NO, I have found the reason for my poor rating now in Russian readership. I was watching RT (Russina TV) today and there was a map behind the announcer. Horror of horrors! NZ did not appear on the map. The map had Africa as the central pivot and Austrlaia at the lower right bottom edge---- but no sign of little New Zealand. There was just a huge gap at the borttom of the South Pacific. I know what the reason is now. I think that Russians think that New Zealand (Middle-Earth) is just a 'fantasy' country. I now believe that Russians think that at best, I am a hobbit, living in a fictional land. Maybe it's quite a good stance--- having the world thinking that there is 'nothing at the bottom of the Pacific' or that perhaps NZ dropped off the edge!

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