Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Perdy met her match today, down at the 'Bay.'

Perdy being a normal manic Jack Russell loves to run and then some. She will run about, chase her mates and never give up. Even on a hot day (like today) she will bound around and only take a few seconds break. Then she is at it again, demanding I throw the ball for her to retrieve, in between warding off the ‘advances’ of her much bigger friends. Sometimes I have to physically hold her so that she drinks and has a little rest. I often wonder if she would ever slow down. Well today she met her match!

It was in the form of a machine; one of those battery operated low slung mean machines, about 18 inches long and powerful enough to travel at 70kph according to the friendly operator, Nick. When we arrived at the park, Nick was entertaining his kids by letting loose his machine. Of course Perdy was intrigued and she set about chasing it as if it was a rabbit.  I never knew she had it in her. She was off in a world of her own, totally ignoring me. For the next ten minutes and joined by her friend Patch, (who seemed content to chase Perdy, not the machine) she became obsessed by the rampant little machine. Even when it jumped and fell over she still could not get near it.

Who was going to win this? I thought. Who would either run out of battery power or doggie power? I hate to admit this about my lively little Jack Russell, but she finally gave up and returned to me and she was completely bushed. I have never seen her so stuffed. She just watched it as it continued to attract the attention of other dogs. Wow, I didn’t need to walk around the bay in the hot sun. Ten minutes of mad chasing, floored Perdy. I very much hope Nick brings his mean machine down to the Bay again. Still--- I must not use that for an excuse for non-walking on my part. Nice one Nick.

 Oh---I tried to take a vid flow with the help of Nick’s partner, but when I arrived at home to place the vid-flow on the blog, there was no sign of the snip. It is so hard to see the screen on bright days. Someone needs to invent a much better screen. God knows what I had done, when I was fiddling with the phone---probably rang Mr Key or someone equally forgettable.

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