Wednesday, January 9, 2013

India and Pakistan at odds again over deaths in Kasmir

Kashmir has been a focus between the nations of Pakistan and India since the two neighbours cast off their shackles from the UK. They have gone to war and frightened the rest of us re the prospect of things going nuclear. Once again there is cause for concern as both sides blame the other for recent deaths of soldiers. India is particularly angered by the alleged 'barbaric beheading and mutilation of the corpses of two of its soldiers. What is noticeable this time is the extent to which both countries are playing down the possible reactions. Both leaders have maintained that the incident should not be escalated; while at the same time allowing their citizens to let off steam in the street surrounding the High Commissions. Maybe shows that despite the actions of the 'men on the ground' the two nations hold shared beliefs that they must not allow the ugly spectre of war play out on our TV screens. This must be even more difficult for the Pakistani Government, as they have large areas of their country that are virtually 'no-go zones' for their military; areas where the Taliban its like hold sway. These two proud Commonwealth nations must uphold peaceful coexistence for the sake of the region and the world.


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