Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Child carers abused regularly in Saudi Arabia and other nations ---possibly not just in the Middle-East!

Domestic workers from The Philippines and Indonesia (amongst others) have long been exploited by Saudi Arabia and other nations, primarily in the Middle-East; however there is even a tendency for that to happen in Malaysia too. The difference is that Malaysia has made efforts to change this.

These workers from Indonesia and the Philippines are escaping the poverty of their existence in those countries. Indeed they contribute a large amount to the GDP of their countries. There is no excuse for the treatment they commonly receive in the countries they work in. There have been far too many reports of horrific abuse and even death at the hands of employers who should be protecting their workers. Much of this abuse goes unreported because to do so would mean losing the employment that the workers need in order to send money back to their families at home. Without that money, the families would doubly suffer.

It is therefore the responsibility of the home nations and the recipients of the workers’ endeavours to guarantee, a liveable basic wage and working conditions that we associate with another era. I is good to see that both Governments; the Indonesian and the Philippines, are pushing for better conditions for their nationals. Saudi Arabia needs to pull its head from the ‘medieval sands’ and ac t strongly too. It has the wealth to pay decent wages but not the will to improve the lot of these hard-working people.

Then again, they don’t allow the freedoms for their own people that one would associate with a modern nation. It seems that the ‘princes’ of Arabia are still living in walled palaces and to hell with anyone criticising their play boy like lifestyles. It is little wonder that Al-Qaida has support within the populace that inhabits other than palace-like dwellings. Of course they can continue their lack of action, simply because the USA is loath to withdraw support from this oil-producing bastion in the Middle-East. Oh for less reliance on fossil fuels!

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