Thursday, January 17, 2013

New Zealand wine 'appreciated' in France.

I was watching a French film on Sky last night, called ‘The Big Picture.’ When the main character produced a bottle of wine for his soon to be divorced (he murdered her lover) wife, he made quite a play of the fact that it came from New Zealand. The wine turned out to be CLOUDY BAY (I loved the way he pronounced it. I doubt I would have recognised it if it hadn’t been for the sub-titles). His wife noticed the screw-top but once she tried it she pronounced that it was pretty good. The main character later brought two cases of the wine to take to a disastrous dinner party, but the wine featured yet again. One wonders if Cloudy Bay had to pay for such publicity. If they didn’t then they should send a few boxes to the film makers. What wonderful publicity. The film was made in 2010. We know CB is a good wine and it is good to know that many countries now acknowledge this. Now All I need is for my books to feature in a few films and I shall be happy!

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