Thursday, January 17, 2013

Winston Peters Gets a bit miffed at the prospect of Aussies coming here to work on a mystery project.

It seems that Mr Peters has found another ‘band-wagon’ to jump on, this time in the form of Aussie workers tasking New Zealand jobs. Is it not a bit of an overreaction for a number of reasons?

Firstly, we don’t know the facts and no one is admitting to such a scheme, to bring in highly paid Aussie workers. Then we need to consider the fact that NZ workers are able to travel at will to fill those so-called high paying jobs across the ditch. We can’t have it both ways; making rules that suit us but not applying them across the board.

Of course some may say that the ‘there,’ or ‘here’ issues are not always equal. One only has to read about the on-going debate about the access to various conditions and benefits that NZers do not receive in Australia, but those same benefits are available to Aussies coming here.

Perhaps this proposed development is the start of a ‘game change.’ Maybe the tide is turning and Aussies are about to come here in numbers. Maybe it is time to see the Trans-Tasman labour market as being just that---one big market. Once we iron out some obvious discrepancies, than let it rule.

One last point: What about the much vaunted Christchurch re-build? Is that not going to take up the slack on unemployment for skilled NZ workers? Should you not wait, Mr Peters, until we know the ‘facts;’ and then make your announcements, with the full picture to take into consideration? New Zealand ‘first,’ maybe, but, just wait a tad.


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