Thursday, January 17, 2013

Jihadists will rule Syria and Sharia law will prevail.

Syria is about to go from a nation ruled by a despot to one where Jihadists will be the prominent force, simply because they are the more fanatical fighters, believing that their place in heaven is assured by giving up their lives for their  ‘cause.’ Who can fight against such zealous beliefs?

The West will stand by and watch as Syria plunges into a new Dark Age. That the majority of the people do not necessarily wish for this scenario to play out is a moot point. Syrians are in a position where anyone promising peace will gain their support, even if the long term future will look something like an even more sectarian Iran. Syria is at a crossroads and the majority may not have their wish for a democratic future, because they have been worn down by the events of the last 18 months.

When Syrians finally wake up to a new Islamic nation and all that entails, we wilI  see a huge numbers leaving their country of birth, putting yet more pressure on their neighbours and of course on Israel as the new Government seeks a ‘scapegoat’ to bend the minds of their people.

The West may wish to intervene, but they too are weary of these never-ending wars that do not deliver governments friendly to the West. History has made that inevitable as modern Crusade arrive at the same end point of those from the distant past. Some things never change.

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