Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Coke Boss (George Adams) takes a swipe at Kiwi's attitiudes to big business!

Mr George Adams thinks New Zealanders have less than good attitudes to ‘big business;’ this at a time when a ‘big business Government’ rules the house and from the head of a company that helps to feed the ‘unwellness’ of New Zealand residents. His company pushes a range of products that directly affects the health of so many young people. His company sells a product that is often cheaper than milk, a product that kids have taken as a viable breakfast on the way to school, then to have teachers deal with ‘sugar-high’ kids. Is it any wonder that his products and others are contributing to the fact that this generation is not going to live as long as their parents and grandparents?

Mr Adam’s company pushes his company’s gut and teeth rotting product at every opportunity. Some would say that such products (not just his company) rank right up there with alcohol and tobacco as to the damage they do.

So some New Zealanders have an attitude to ‘big business’ and Mr Adams waits until he is leaving the job, that he makes this claim. Why, Mr Adams, have you not been more forthcoming in your protestations? Were you concerned that New Zealanders may take umbrage at your questioning of how ‘we’ think about your company and others?

Like an ‘opinion’ on any subject, New Zealanders have a range of beliefs, the subject of ‘big business,’ no different to any other. You can be sure that you have your supporters too, so other than holding some ‘political’ agenda re pushing for greater access and freedom to push your product even more onto a ‘na├»ve’ public, all in  the name of a ‘free market,’ then I fail to see an validity in your claims. I guess your friends in the National Party will continue to attend your ‘lobbying- focused gatherings’ and drink from your generous but poisoned chalice.


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