Monday, December 10, 2012

The journey begins---first the bank loan.

This Thursday (the day after tomorrow) I shall have first appointment with my Bariatric surgeon. I have to pay for this operation because the health system doesn’t do that for old buggers like me. That is of course false economy because if I didn’t have the operation, the State would have to pay for all the complications related to my ‘condition.’ Oh well, at least my insurance will pick up 33% of the bill.
I just rang the bank and they agreed to loan me the money. Well, that part is over, so now I shall go to my first appointment on Thursday with the knowledge that I can finance the procedure.
I spoke to a guy I have known through my work for the past ten years and he had the operation (the sleeve) 14 months ago. He has no regrets and he had me laughing. He said he has disobeyed the surgeon on a few occasions and paid the price in a most dramatic way. If one eats the wrong food or too much, there is a tendency for you to become a bit of a floorshow. There is an immediate response from your body in the form of projectile vomit. MM—I think my days of chucking up are well and truly over so I shall be an obedient patient. TMI---- well, I did say I would be honest. Look out for my next episode of ‘Neil gets skinny!’

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