Monday, December 10, 2012

That call that has caused so much anger!

I have just listened to the ‘call that caused so much angst and sadness.’ The segment included the silly goings on that one associates with such pranks. It was shallow and nothing more than a game to amuse listeners. What happened as a result of this badly acted and played out call was nothing less than crazy. That anyone could be taken in, thinking that it was genuine is beyond me. The accents were hopeless and unbelievable.
The poor nurse who took the initial call before quickly passing it through to the ward was taken in. The fact that she was not the usual receptionist leads me to believe that ‘systems’ were not in place to prevent what was so patently a ‘hoax call.’
Once the call was through, the nurse in the ward was also taken in and immediately gave her ‘all’ re details of Kate’s pregnancy. I find it hard to believe that she was so easily fooled. Management in both institutions should front up and take some of the blame for this whole stupid, yet sad affair. The hospital management was lacking and the radio station management the same.
 It was all very well that the initial reaction to the stations call was one of glee, because they saw the $sign in their heads; not thinking of nay consequences that could occur. I hope that now that we have seen the death of a Mum and the ramifications for their own employees that they and other radio stations around the world take note and make some changes.
As for the hospital, that prides itself in that it caters to the Royal Family; well they have a great deal of soul searching ahead of them. The fact that they have set up a fund for the grieving family of the deceased, is a good start.

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