Monday, December 10, 2012

The Jihadists will soon show their hand in Syria.

The war in Syria is reported to be stalemated and that the ‘West’ (meaning the USA) will soon show it’s hand, stating that the incumbent President is close to using weapons of mass destruction.’ That will be the excuse to back the Jihadists who will then sow their own seeds of destruction on Syrian society.
There will be no real winner in this war, but many will lose their lives, all in the name of ‘religion’ or the desire to hold onto power. I find it hard to wish either side a victory.
On one had we have a despotic (Western Educated President) and on the other, a disparate group of fighters who will turn on one another once victory is achieved. At the very least we will see a repeat of the Iraq situation where sectarian violence will be the order of the day. Old enemies will be dealt with and once again the ugly side of sectarianism will show its face.
Russia has accused the USA of wishing to install a Fascist Islamic Government. How does this suit the foreign policy of the USA other than acting as a blunt tool against the aspirations of Russia in the region? The people of the area are merely the tool of old rivalries and alliances.
We are left with the sad fact that innocents will die and a new nation will emerge that will make the situation re Israel even more precarious. Watch out for an alliance (after the dust has settled) between Hamas and the new Jihadist Government of a new Syria. As with all such Governments, they will seek a scapegoat, and that will be Israel. The USA, in backing this group will find itself in a situation well beyond their control. They won’t sit this one out, and will gain from the arms sales they make (as will Russia and others) along with favourable trade terms re oil---or will they?

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