Friday, November 16, 2012

To My USA Readers!

I am unashamedly making a plea to my USA readers to buy my books. You are by the far the largest of my blog readers. (No I don’t mean in size- I think Kiwis can compete with you on that score!) I want to make it easier for you to buy the three books.
1)    Coastal Yarns
2)    Roskill
3)    Talk To Me
You can check them out on the website
I know that the cost is prohibitive if you buy through the website (except in NZ where postage is free and my books are not on Amazon yet. I can do the following deal for you and by using the cheapest postage and cutting my mark up to the minimum; I can make my books available reasonably cheaply. Just contact me directly at  and we can work out a price.
Here are the prices in $NZ. Remember the USA dollar is about 20% higher in value than the $NZ so it is even cheaper for you.
ROSKILL                     $26        PLUS POSTAGE
TALK TO ME              $25        PLUS POSTAGE
I can do similar deals for other countries. Australia--postage is about $7 for example.
Get your books for Xmas now!

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