Friday, November 16, 2012

So Hamas launches a missile at Jerusalem--a 'Holy City--

So Hamas launches a missile at Jerusalem, the city held Holy by the three ‘Desert Religions,’ and risks killing their own people. Is that not a measure of the ‘thought’ behind their actions? Even if a body such as the UN could ever broker peace in the region; how on earth could it hold when the sheer madness behind the actions of extremist elements within the Hamas organization hold sway over their ‘people?’
I see little hope for a lasting peace. The participants are too damaged in their thinking. Their journey is one that does not accept that any solution is possible other than that of violence, even if it kills their own young, old and the infirm.
Israel too, must look beyond holding onto the places it has occupied. The ‘force’ they respond with is equally dangerous for the region. At some stage the surrounding nations will react together and we will see a conflagration not seen since the Second World War.
Any solution is going to need to recognise Jerusalem as an ‘International City,’ policed by the UN. A pipe-dream, perhaps, but we have to ask the difficult question----What are both sides prepared to ‘give?’ Fighting is never going to resolve this impossible dilemma. My heart aches for the people who are drawn into the hate and violence of a place that should be a ‘cradle of peace.’ Thinking proponents of all three religions must surely share my feelings.

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