Friday, November 16, 2012

Please pass on my website to your groups, friends and anyone else!

If one wants to self-publish, shyness has to go out the window. Buyers do not ‘flock to your door,’ begging for your books. It just ain’t like that. Expect to pay, and then pay again until you shrink each time you look at your bank balance or in my case, the ‘overdraft.
You can also expect to give away any desire to remain private. That is for those who use ‘ghost names’ to hide behind. You have to get yourself out there and face criticism, have doubts about your skill as a ‘story teller’ and to have people point out the inevitable mistakes that you simply don’t see once the book is in print.
 Above all, you don’t give up. You push on and ask the readers of your blogs to send on the links to your website, to encourage people to contact you direct through your email address and to step it up. Please pass on my details and if you have enjoyed any of my books, please write reviews whenever you can.
To all of the recipients of my constant emails asking for my books to be sold in your bookshops, I make no apology. I cannot keep up with the ‘big boys and girls’ in the distribution industry, so I hammer the net. Who knows’ one day it might even work and anyway, you all have a ‘delete button.’ God knows, I use it all the time.
Thanks my friends---- and my niece in England!
Use your Twitter and Facebook accounts too.

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