Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Taking the piss out of Talk Back Radio!

I am sure many of you have listened to talk back radio from time to time. Some of you may even be ‘addicted,’ in the loose sense of the word. How many of you have been driving home and some twit comes on and you feel like stopping the car, because you are so frustrated with their ‘ignorance?’ Of course you probably do not ring in and challenge the point of view that they are espousing; you just swear either silently or quite vociferously as you continue your journey.
It is not only the listeners who make you mad; it is also the hosts who seem to be playing with their listeners. This may or may not be true, depending on where you stand on the whole Talk Back radio industry. You may see it as ‘entertainment and the sole purpose of the radio station is to raise money or you may see it as a platform that extends the idea of free speech.
‘Talk To Me,’ my latest book takes a swing at the industry and I cast myself as a talk back host. I also bring in my crazy Jack Russell and together we have the adventure of her short life. I was inspired to write this book through a cast away comment that I made a year or so ago, when I was walking my dog with a group of fellow dog walkers. We were passing some flax bushes and I said—‘wouldn’t it be weird if our dogs found a body in those bushes?’
Of course my friends are used to me making crazy comments and not much other than a few laughs resulted. Well, I went ahead and from then ‘Talk To Me’ became a reality--- not the body of course, but the book. If you want laugh or maybe something else for your holiday reading then get to me on my website and buy it, or go to your local library and request it (along with my other two books, Coastal Yarns,’ and ‘Roskill.’)
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