Wednesday, November 14, 2012

China--Where are the women in your Politbureau?

The large news networks were there live in Beijing, to show the world the new leaders of China. The Politbureau led by the Leader of the Communist Party were introduced to a dutiful People’s (one Party) assembly. We can be sure that there will be little tolerance for the real people of China being able show any disapproval of the leaders and his Politbureau.
The Communist ideal is one the purports to portray that all people are equal and should receive according to their needs. The Communist Party’s rise to power was supposed to represent a new beginning for women in society and while it is true that there are many powerful women in Chinese business circles, the same cannot be said about the position of women in the Communist Party. If the Party truly believed in the principal of equal representation, then where the hell are the women in the Politbureau? Yes you guessed it--- there are none. So much for the brave new world!
I have admired much of what the party has achieved for many in Chinese society but I cannot say that this latest omission is but a serious throwback to the bad old days when women held little real power. I hope the new momentum rising from the masses will address this latest display of ‘steady as she goes boys, as long as we retain the power of men.’

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