Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Bunnings and Mitre Ten--a tale of two big boys.

In the last few weeks I have purchased items from both Bunnings and Mitre Ten. My tale is not about the products themselves but about the add-on delivery costs. That most definitely provided a shocking comparison.
Bunnings prides itself re its claims in its adverts that it is very competitive with its prices. I brought a large, good quality Gazebo and arranged for delivery for the next day. I went away having made an arrangement to meet someone to assemble it for me. The cost of delivery was $73 and that was for a very short distance. I was a bit perplexed at this price, but assumes that it would mean that two people wold be needed as the item was quits heavy.
The Gazebo did not arrive at the appointed time but the man who was going to assemble it did. He waited and we rang to find lout that Bunnings had stuffed up the delivery. They were apologetic and promised it for the next day. I arrived home early the next day the delivery truck came with just one person to unload it. I was not going to help---he realized that by looking at me---lol. So even though I offered to help, he placed the long boxed Gazebo where I asked. The assembly person did his job the next day and I put the large cost of delivery down to experience.
A week later I purchased an outdoor table and four chairs from Mitre Ten. The delivery cost (yes for a lighter item) but quite a lot further from my home was only $28. It arrived when promised.
I am left with a lingering doubt about the service re delivery, both from the timing (or lack of it) and the price. How can Bunnings justify the huge difference in price? I shall be much more forward next time I get something delivered form Bunnings. If they can’t come to the party then I shall not complete the deal. I shall go to Mitre Ten instead. Oh, by the way--- the price for the Gazebo was identical, wherever I brought it, that weekend.

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