Thursday, November 15, 2012

Britain's Daily Telegraph readers vote New Zealand top holiday spot

At a time when Europe is facing some pretty hard economic times, it was good to see that many in Britain would still like to visit us. The Daily Telegraph poll of 17,000 readers gave NZ the top spot. Those readers saw our coastline, our cuisine and friendly people as being the main draw cards.
 We should remember that when we hear about some more negative experiences from other tourists, like being robbed. We therefore must put those reports in perspective---coming to NZ for a holiday is still and should always be a safe and enjoyable time.
Hopefully the Brits will keep coming and in larger numbers. You never know; some of them may decide to stay. From my observations in the education industry, most of the new arrivals seem to be doing well and are taking full advantage of those aspects that the poll showed. It must be wonderful for them to visit a beach, less than an hour from Central Auckland, in the middle of summer and then find they virtually have the beach to themselves. Maybe tourism will help provide the impetus for NZ to attract more people—something our economy surely needs!

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