Wednesday, November 7, 2012

I got so excited when I felt Obama was winning that I--

Yip---I had some wines and let my mouth go, via my fingers, so apart from the even worse typing, I suspect I may have gone 'over the top.' That was stimulated by the pathetic responses and posts by very sore losers. OK---it's over and it IS time to do the hard work in Congress. If the richest nation on earth can not look after the health of those who can't help themselvs (I'm talking about large medical bills here) through no fault of their own then it is an indictment on that nation. Pull your heads out of the sand, those of you who say that it is the responsibility alone of an individual to manage their health care. If all things were equal, then that would be fine.
I am glad that I live in a country where the huge majority hold the view that we are in this together and that the health of our children and old people is taken care of by an historical decission made many years ago that we pay a level of taxation that allows for this most basic of human needs.
Obviously no such collective responsibility exists amongst a significant number of Americans. I expect some pretty harsh replies about individual responsibility, but the fact remains that that fine quailty does not take into account, bad luck, ill health and the long existing poverty that plays out alongside the wealth in the USA.
Mr President, you have one hell of a battle on your hands to change the minds of those hard assed 'inidividuals.'

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