Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Obama has one huge job on his hands now!

Obama has won, even the ‘Popular vote, which for a while looked a bit dicey for him. Now after a few days rest and contemplation, he must address some serious issues. He is hampered in this by the makeup of Congress. Unfortunately, nothing has changed for him there.
If he is not able reach out and deal with ‘died in the wool’ Republicans then he is doomed to preside over a lame duck Presidency. No one wants this. There are hard decisions to make over the economy and he must do better with the health insurance problem. That the richest country in the world is not able to provide for its most needy citizens is a blight on the good name of the USA.
Obama needs to look at the USA’s involvement in foreign ‘adventures’ and seriously take stock over its position as ‘policeman of the world.’ Why should the USA carry the bulk of the responsibility to solve Middle Eastern and other humanitarian and political crisis. That is the job of the UN another regional groupings.
It is notable that Wall Street and some of the big name players (read Donald Trump) have had hissy fits over Obama’s victory. That was to be expected. Why are we surprised though at the extent of those sour grape announcements and reactions? The people along with Obama need to have their concerns recognized.
Finally, the Republicans are badly out of touch with the changing American Electorate. No Republican candidate will ever win again unless he or she takes into account the aspirations of many groups in American society; namely the Latin/Hispanic voters and the Afro Americans. The time of WASP male voters has finally gone.  However they still hold the economic power, so Obama too has to reach out.  All power and good wishes to Obama. I think the world heaved a huge sigh of relief.

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