Thursday, November 8, 2012

We will get into bed with whoever it takes to stay in power!

That’s a bit crude you say. So is the obvious flip-flopping the Government is showing when it comes to policy change, especially in the Education field. The ‘yet more changes’ to their Charter Schools, oops, sorry, Partnership Schools, is just one example of their willingness to placate their darling Act party.
Deep down, I suspect the National Party rues the day when it knew it had to have a cup of tea with John Banks, just to achieve the lofty halls of power. They are regularly seeing their other sleeping partner, the Maori Party, disagreeing with them on many issues. Even dear old Peter Dunne has slipped a few at them.
Where does this leave us then for the next two years? I guess we are going to see more examples of ‘marital’ breakdowns in this time as the opposition to their policies strengthens. Don’t look for too many sparks from Labour though. They seem to be locked in some time warp too, not necessarily on policy--- more on parliamentary aptitude. I think Phil was more effective than what we are seeing from the present front bench. Damn, there goes my joining the party down the drain. I shall put that on hold for a while.

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