Monday, August 27, 2012

Walking the dog--what's in it for me?

I’ve been walking Perdy for 18 months now.
She’s 2 and a bit and has a love of life that exceeds measurement.
Her tail wags so hard when I arrive home that I have thought she should be connected to a dynamo.
If dogs could smile her face would not be big enough!
She fills my car with the sounds of joy and anticipation, even though she has travelled there hundreds of times.
She talks to me in whimpers and barks; all saying---hurry up---are we there yet?
When we arrive, she strains at her leash and then bounds off over the sand, looking back to see if I have thrown her bright orange ball.
On the first bounce she is there, to capture it in her mouth.
The ball is at my feet ready for dozens of repeats, only interrupted by the arrival of her mates---Finn and Patch.
Bedlam results as they greet each other.
It sounds like a war; their rough tumbling is often mistaken for something serious by those not in the ‘know’ about these canine delinquents.
Off around the Bay, frolicking in the water and losing their bright balls down the holes.
The Jack Russell  in her wants to chase rats, but the ball has to suffice.
An hour later, she relents and lets me take her home.
For me---- another walk and a feeling that things are sometimes right in the world.
Love ya Perdy.

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