Monday, August 27, 2012

Nature takes a dim view re the Republican Convention

Nature is indeed wise. From the deep sea her ire is raised at the probability of yet more ‘words’ of deception from Romney as he crows and struts his stuff to an unfortunate  audience. He will make claims that are patently untrue on order to win over an already misinformed electorate.
Let’s face it; the media, especially Fox News, has already softened that audience up to the point where they no longer recognize the truth. They will clutch their ‘bibles’ which they have read cover to cover, yet come away from that with a totally different perspective than so many others. That of course is their right even if it does nothing to make the USA a better country.
Off shore, ‘Isaac’ roils and twists as he heads towards Florida, hoping to make landfall near the convention. He wants to blow away the empty words and bring about a fresh approach. Whilst he does his thing, a huge number of Americans are too busy making ends meet, watching trashy sitcoms or ‘reality’ shows on TV, generally unaware of the coming battle at the end of the year.
No amount of windblown reminders from Isaac will make one iota of difference so Isaac will blow himself out upon sandy shores and empty hearts. IN the meantime, Gods name will be invoked for all sorts of spurious policies by sanctimonious party hacks as they attempt to show unity and loyalty to a totally inept leader. He will not be scrutinized in a manner that will bring clarity and he will ready himself for the final battle------unless Isaac gains strength and puts off the battle for another day. In the end even ‘nature cannot avoid the folly of ‘man.’

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