Monday, August 27, 2012

Handstands and cartwheels in school---Hell no!

Please someone tell me that it is April the first and that what I am reading about a school in Sydney is untrue and that the principal is just taking the piss because he is having a bad hair day. How the hell can children doing cartwheels and handstands be detrimental in any way unless they are in the presence of a ‘trained’ physical education teacher with the correct equipment?
Come on Aussie--- you are a country that prides itself on its sporting achievements; indeed you were in the top ten countries for the Olympics. If you let this claptrap bullshit PC stuff spread then look towards a nation of wimps and pussies. Strong unPC language I know, but this has brought out my ‘is this for real side?’ Then my words will tend towards the less gentle and unacceptable.
I hope that this idiocy doesn’t spread and that the down to earth Aussie character we all love will come out on top. I can just hear some of the possible comments that will be inundating the airwaves. The rest of the world will be laughing but at the same time be wondering if some twat in their health or education departments will be looking and saying--- ‘maybe they have got a point there.’
Maybe they will ban kids running in the playground next, in case they fall over and bruise their little knees. God help us all.

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