Friday, August 10, 2012

The ups and downs of self-publishing

Would you self-publish if you had ‘story or two to tell?’ Firstly you have to look at the alternatives. The traditional way to publish is to find a publishing house to publish your book. That entails a great deal of heart ache and effort and even then your chances are tiny at best. Many authors have sent their ‘manuscripts’ to every publishing house they can find and then use the rejection notes to paper their walls. Even the fabulous author J.K. Rowling had to contend with rejection before she was finally published.
I heard about self-publishing and looked at what was available and after a good deal of thought, I decided to take the plunge. Self-publishing is often labelled the ‘vanity-press.’ I blush when I think about those early days. Yes, it did feel good, getting that first book (Coastal Yarns) back and the original launch was ‘lovely,’ if not an expensive exercise.
The next stage was marketing the book and the second book soon joined my old website. The problems then began. Things became difficult between me and my ‘publisher’ and that relationship was terminated, without me receiving anything from nay sales they generated. I was not in control of my website, so I had no idea what was happening. I did not get any ‘reports’ about sales, and once the publisher went under; I got burned like many of their other ‘customers.’
I had to make a decision. Being down by many thousands of dollars was almost enough for me to say---‘stuff it, at least I have a good day job, so why bother?’ Then my stubborn side won out and I decided to go it alone, getting a new website, new covers for my books, reediting and new ISBN numbers. I built up a relationship with a printer and went for it.
Finally my website  is up and running and the first book, ‘Roskill’ is now available, soon to be joined by a revitalized ‘Coastal Yarns’ and the new book ‘Talk To Me.’ I am excited again and hopefully this time, things will turn out better.
I need your help folks. I only have my own networks to plug in to. I need you to pass on my link and to get a few copies of my books and read them, pass comment and link them to your networks.
One thing I have learnt is that, by hanging back and being shy just does not work in this game. Get the word out for me so I can prove that a dream is possible.
Cheers  click on the link and pass it on.

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