Friday, August 10, 2012

A hard decision for John Key

Unlike in many of my previous blogs, I am not going to give Mr Key a hard time over the difficult decision he had to makeover whether he should attend a funeral for two fallen soldiers or spend time with his son who is playing at an important sports game.
For any leader or politician it must be hard having to sacrifice ‘special’ family time for the greater good of NZ and time after time it is the family that misses out. Yes, it is a part of being a Prime minister, but sometimes a PM should put his family first. I agree with John Key taking the decision he has and I applaud the Leader of the Opposition, Mr Shearer for not making political capital out of the decision. Other politicians have taken a similar stance.
Of course one can’t help make the comment that such a decision will be unnecessary if only we immediately brought our men and women back from Afghanistan, but then again, maybe we will always have them overseas in various theatres. I just wish we would take a stronger stance against being ‘pushed’ into sending our soldiers to unwinnable situations.

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