Friday, August 10, 2012

I can hear the sounds of our Aussie cousins returning to rationality

I told you so---remember my dear Aussie cousins---the medals would come and you would be able to talk about us here in NZ again with that lovely big brotherly manner; just so long as the medal count was well in your favour. You did it and you did it so well. It took some time and you had to get through the early ‘drought days,’ but hey, all you needed was faith and to ignore the joy we had over here, over the ‘ditch.’
You see, my friends, we celebrate all of our medals; gold, silver or bronze. It doesn’t matter that we aren’t in the top ten; just seeing our country on the medal board is good. Yes, we love to win, but not at the expense of ignoring our close neighbour’s efforts.
I believe our TV coverage about Australia’s successes has been far more generous than the coverage NZ received in Australia. Never mind—we are used to your obsession with ‘winning’ and find it quite endearing in a strange sort of way, so onwards and upwards towards Rio in 2116.
Well done Aussie Aussie.  check it out

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