Saturday, June 16, 2012

I reckon I have almost got a green house!

My little house is almost a ‘green house.’ I have solar water heating, DVS and a heat pump. I did all this to keep my power bills down and to decrease my ‘environmental footprint.’ My friends will laugh at that statement and they are probably correct. I primarily made these decisions in order to save money. I will achieve that in the long run--- if I live long enough that is.
For example, the solar unit cost NZ$6000 and that will take 6 years to pay off. The savings I achieve through a smaller power bill (and that is significant--- about 40% less) make up for the payments I make so I guess I am neutral on that score.
The heat pump? If I use it sensibly, it does save money. I f I combine the use of the DVS system--- that is use the DVS on a sunny day--- I don’t need the heat pump until well into the evening in the Winter. I use it in summer, only to keep cooler on very hot days.
All I need now is to save rain water in a tank, for my garden (and if possible to flush the toilet--- is that possible?) I don’t think I can go as far as a ‘green toilet in the city and I doubt t that a wind turbine is possible either. Hell, Perdy would really bark at that and I piss off enough neighbours as it is when she gets through the cat door at 5.30 in the morning and barks her morning welcome to this green world.

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