Saturday, June 16, 2012

NZ First is a strange party-- Winston wants it both ways.

If Winston Peters and NZ First want to be taken seriously they really must stop this balancing act where they don’t actually commit to anything. Winny seems to want it both ways. He wants to keep what he see as his niche support on the political battlefield. He sees no reason to enter into a serious debate about where NZ goes with the superannuation eligibility age level. He cannot deny that we have a problem heading our way--- the population is aging and if we want to pay our elderly a liveable benefit, we have to plan for it now, not stick our heads in the sand like John Key.
We all know that NZ First gets a good deal of its support from those above 60, but don’t patronise this group, Winston. They have a vision for NZ too. They are not all selfish! They do not want to lumber the cost of a super scheme on the young any more than any other group. Yes they have paid their taxes and deserve the levels they get now’ we don’t disapprove that.
We have to see the bigger picture--- gradually get workers to pay higher levels into their Kiwi Saver schemes and ‘inch’ the age of eligibility up. Hell, Labour and the others who support this are only suggesting that it comes in easy steps so what’s the problem Winny and Johnny? Get real.
We also have to face the prospect of paying higher employee levels into Kiwi Saver or it won’t be worth stuff all when we collect it.
Please stop playing petty politics NZ First and National (read John Key in this case.) I do not want to burden the next generation with an unsustainable tax rate simply because we were too selfish to make the call NOW!

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