Saturday, June 16, 2012

RT (Russian TV) --- MMm interetsing

Many countries have an international service and RT is just one of them. I watch it from time to time, just to get a different perspective. It’s interesting taking another angle. For years we have been fed the news from our own services and the BBC and the USA ones. Apart from Fox, I am reasonably satisfied, so long as we get to see RT and Aljazeera. Of course in N Z we have the lucky position to be able to criticize them all.
I wonder if they RT service is totally free form Political influence , but having made that statement, is Fox, CNN the BBC and even our own service in NZ absolutely free. In the past we have had NZ politicians making statements attacking the integrity of our NZ service, but the resulting furore has sometimes been enough to make sure it remains independent.
Come on my lost Russian readers. Tell me what you think. I like RT. Is it the FRT (Free RTV)?

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