Thursday, May 31, 2012

HEADLINES---NZ is invading Austrlaia--- backwards!

It has often been said that ‘THE WORD IS MIGHTIER THAN THE SWORD.’
We are about to find out. Are we to believe that a strange outflow of skills from Australia are about to become NZ’s? Is it true that many Australian jobs in the newspaper world are going to shift to NZ?
Hell, fellow Kiwi’s---is this our chance to even up the playing field? Just think of the possibilities. We will be in charge of editorial policy and all that this entails. The Aussies will learn the truths and realities of the world--- one centred on NZ
 I can smell the fear from here, safely ensconced in my lounge.  The idea is a panacea for my ills today. Yes I am not well, but I rose to read the papers and --- oh my goodness!
My feelings go out to those Australians who will lose their jobs.
Yes I don’t really believe my words as printed above. What a tosser of an idea. What monetary driven idiot thought that one up? I am completely behind the objections of my Aussie coussies. I suspect that editorial policy has for ages been driven from outside NZ, but this latest proposal takes the cake. Wake up and smell other than the mining fumes my Aussie friends and DO NOT LET THIS HAPPEN! Hell--- if you lose, we in NZ don’t necessarily gain--- not at your expense I hope!

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