Thursday, May 31, 2012

We must stop this government's attack on education

The worm has turned. We are now seeing in unbelievable clarity the aims of the Government when it comes to education. Nothing is more important to them than the ‘fiscal underpinning’ of a wide scope of their policies.
We know that we are in tough times, but to cut and bend and God knows what else the very basis of what can lead to an economic recovery--- that is a good education system is in itself fiscally irresponsible.
 The end result of this will be an increase in the outflow to Australia. The only good thing about that is that there will be a dilution of the Australian accent. (Sorry, Aussie friends--- but you have been making too many sheep jokes lately)
WE are already losing many of our best ‘brains,’ but now we will see ‘those who grow and extend’ our young brains joining the exodus, namely our teachers.
BUT---- teachers will not give up. This time (Usually their ire is prodded, re conditions and pay) they will have a large group of parents on the side of the teachers.
Just where the hell does the government think that they find these so-called super-teachers’ who can handle a class of 29 plus. They do not exist in the numbers needed to lend any credence to the claims made by the government. I am not using a capital ‘G’ for government because they represent a ‘small-minded ‘g’overnemnt)
Once again, I challenge the government or anyone else to try out teaching--- OK We will let you observe, because, I wouldn’t expect a non-trained teacher to enter the classroom in a teaching role--- a six hour teaching role--- not just one period. I would be worried about their mental safety under conditions other than that of an observatory role.
Mr Key, English and Ms Parata, you have unleashed a ‘spirit’ that will not be contained. Think again--- Ooops--- you are doing that, but each time you come up with a policy that is even more short-sighted or stupid.
Go the NZEI, Parents, Principals Associations and PPTA!

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