Thursday, May 31, 2012

I love my idiot-proof crockpot (slow cooker)

I have had a crockpot and two slow cookers for many years. I won’t get into the difference other than to say that I think the crock pot is a true slow way of cooking--- we often put our one on for 12 hours and the food is magnificent. The slow cooker does a similar (almost) job in half the time.
 There is no better cure for the Monday blues, especially on a cold day, than to come home to a soup that has been cooking all day. You can make some toast or scones (biscuits in the USA) and the blues will disappear once you sit down to a wonderful nourishing and cheap soup.
Here’s a recipe that is idiot-proof! The quantities are almost irrelevant. There are only three ingredients. For the more adventurous amongst you--- add whatever else you wish.
Take 3-5 bacon bones (more if you wish). I microwaved them for 3 minutes first, but you don’t have to.
Add them to the crockpot along with a cup of yellow split peas (once again any sort will do) and a couple of cups of deskinned pumpkin,  chopped up into cubes.
 Now just add as much boiling water to take the mixture to its maximum level.
 Let it cook all day while you are at work. Don’t add salt until you taste it later as the bacon bones tend to be quite salty.
If you don’t like the scum, just place paper towels on the top, lift and the scum is gone. I do it twice.


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