Friday, April 20, 2012

Sometimes my fingers get away on me!

I have recently reconnected with a dear friend and it felt like I had only seen her yesterday. She knows that this is her I am writing about. We both have an endearing way of talking to each other--- that’s a nice way of saying that we call a ‘spade a spade.’ Put another way—our English is colloquial plus! Shall I put it yet another way? Surely you have gathered by now that I mean we let it rip when it comes to describing things. If we feel like swearing, we go for it.
Now with that scenario firmly in mind, imagine what could happen if you add that fact to my stone-age technological skills. Bring in yet another factor. I had been operating under the understanding that whatever I say to my good friend in an email would be just that---- in an email.
Oh no silly man. How was I to know that it would then appear as a ‘post’ on Facebook? Suffice it to say that I nearly had to change my shorts when I saw some very colourful language (written by me a few seconds before) appear on my postings.
I panicked, seeing visions of mass desertions from my blog readers and worse still, some of my colleagues from work seeing them. My close colleagues know what I am capable of, but I was mortified that they would see my techni-coloured utterings.
I noticed a little ‘x’ near my posting so I clicked on it and lo and behold--- it was a delete button and viola---- my post disappeared, then reappear minus the bad words. That didn’t leave many words.
One hopes that this writer has learnt. I am able to laugh now and I am sure my friend is still laughing her ti’’ off—oops.

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