Saturday, April 21, 2012

Car-Fe--I took my 'Perdified' car to Car-Fe in Greenlane

I go back to work for the second term tomorrow after a wonderfully relaxing holiday. Perdy had lots of walks and trips to beaches and I had the benefit of a bit of exercise. I was looking at my car yesterday and thought---hell this car needs a deep clean. Perdy had dropped her hair everywhere and it was dusty, dirty and smelled of doggie. There was no way that my vacuum cleaner would pick up all of the doggie hair, so I knew it needed the experts. I decided to take the car to Car-Fe in Greenlane. They had done a good job last year on my previous car.
I pulled into the reception area of Car-Fe and I was happy that I didn’t have to wait, even though they were busy. I let the guy look at ‘Perdy’s doings,’ fully expecting a surcharge for a difficult job. The basic cost was $50 with an extra charge of $25 to get the doggie hair out and another $15 to make the dashboard and other areas look nice. ($90 all up). I figured, in for a penny, in for a pound. Sorry if that’s lost on any younger readers. The friendly guy told me it would take about 50 minutes to return my car to a liveable condition (not his words—mine).
I headed to the café and found a paper to read. I also ordered a cup of tea and a passion fruit cookie. The assistant was lovely. Despite her late night, she was bubbly and efficient. The time passed quickly while I read the latest news and I even had a visit from my sister who lives down the road from the Car-Fe. She had her car done yesterday and was delighted with the result.
I noticed Matthew Ridge taking a ‘hands-on’ supervisory role, checking on equipment and generally displaying a comfortable relationship with his workers. He certainly doesn’t sit in some back office while the hard work is done. Nice one, Matthew.
I was also able to observe a guy trying to get the hair out of the seats and matting. He looked like it was a damn hard job and I had some sympathy for him. I reminded myself that I had paid a premium for the work to be done and I had been assured that they had the devices and procedures needed for the operation.

Right on time I was called to collect my car. I gave it a quick perusal and headed down the drive. Just past Countdown, I looked for my phone charger. It wasn’t where I had left it. Rather than jump to any wrong conclusions I stopped and found it behind the front driver’s seat. It was then that I noticed that not much had been done in the boot area. I remembered that when I had spoken to the reception guy that I had said that they shouldn’t worry about taking everything out. I had stored a range of things for doggie walking there. I think I may have given the impression that they should leave it alone, so I have myself to blame for that.
My overall impression of the work done? -----Pretty good given the condition I took the car to them in. I think that it needs a bit more regular attention on my part, and then it won’t be quite so bad. I will take the car back and I am sure that the boys will keep their standards up. Bottom line? --- It looks one hell of a lot better than it did this morning.

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