Thursday, April 13, 2017

Jack Russell becomes author's assistant!

Perdy, the wonderful little heroine, Jack Russell from Thames, New Zealand, has decided to up the game, contribute to the welfare of her supposed master, Neil Coleman and go PUBLIC.
Perdy has been through a great deal, since moving from the big city, Auckland, about an hour and twenty minutes away. There have been storms, a rescue, lots of 'running away events,' plus all the adventures associated with moving to a new home. She has a group of hens to look after, but her idea of the latter is somewhat askew from that of her Daddy, Neil!
Perdy has recently stepped into a new role, that of 'Media Manager/publicist,' for her Daddy's books, ROSKILL and TALK TO ME. It has been a bit of a rocky road, a bit like the storms we have been having down here, but surely there must be a 'silver lining,' in the mix. One quality Perdy shares with all Jack Russells is her propensity to be stubborn, tenacious and downright single minded! To her----those 'traits' are in her DNA---simple.
Perdy engaged in a huge leap of faith, by volunteering to be 'in' one of the books, but to protect her privacy at the time, decided to go 'incognito.' Yes, Perdy became SPOT in Talk To Me. The book is about a hard working talk back radio host Gary, who becomes the target of some pretty nasty stuff, in the book. Suffice it to say, because Spot does not want to give away too much, things to get a bit naughty at times!
Here's a direct address, from the clever little girl:
'Look---the only way for you to find out what I get up to in Talk To Me is for you to download the book from Amazon. Just go to Neil's website (featured at the bottom of this 'post,') and click on Neil's Books. Sadly, you can't get a hard copy of Talk To Me, but hey---the download is really cheap. It would be really great if you let us know on FB if you have downloaded the book---or Roskill (Which IS available as hard copy!) so I can advise Neil about MY performance in my new role. Heck---you don't want me to lose my contract, I hope!'
Perdy has played a part in Neil's efforts to get Roskill  'out there,' too. She has attended launches, road trips to bookshops and picnics in the park when she lives back in Auckland.
Here's what Perdy says about ROSKILL:
'ROSKILL is a story that all parents of teenagers should read and all teens should read if their parents enter the dark world of 'P" (Methamphetamine). Unfortunately, New Zealand has a huge issue with this scourge on society, where families are destroyed along with businesses, all because this substance has taken hold of the user. Roskill is a 'hard to put down,' book, just as is Talk To Me. They are very different books: one a humorous and somewhat cynical 'take the piss,' swipe at the talkback radio industry and the other a challenging story about what happens when 'adults do what they tell their kids not to do!'
A final word from Perdy:
'Thanks for following my exploits on FB and other media. I love life. I want people to be safe, to be happy and for the world to be perfect. IT"S NOT, but I am not going to stop enjoying life. Read Neils books and please let us know if you have downloaded them or purchased hard- copy. Feel free to email me at'
Here's the link:
Thanks, my dear friends.

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