Saturday, April 15, 2017

China is in a difficult position!

China comes in for a great deal of flak in relation to the South China Sea. It has made its position clear that it has the right to 'police' the area that is claimed by several nations. That 'oil' figures' in the equation, should come as no surprise. Imagine the USA's reaction, if oil was discovered in international waters, off the coast of California. I suspect that a few 'aircraft Carrier groups,' would make a semi-permanent appearance!
China faces a more direct threat, one much closer to its borders---the Korean problem, North Korea and its perchance for a 'nuclear deterrent, to be specific. The Dear Leader, of the 'Hermit Kingdom,' displays personality traits, not too dissimilar to his nemesis in the USA. (OK----maybe Trump is showing signs of actually listening to his advisors a little more without 'executing,' them!)
China no doubt tried to limit the damage caused by the tension on the 'peninsula,' but we are still observing a gradual move toward Noth Korea becoming a fully-fledged member of the 'nuclear club.' If we thought that Pakistan (or Israel?) represent a threat to world peace, then that is dwarfed, compared to the unleashing of North Korea's potential 'off the planet repsonse' to the Dear Leader's perception of what constitutes a threat.
Back in the days when the Peninsula erupted into a war, China was just emerging as a modern nation, having undergone a revolution that had cast off 'Western influences,' and was flexing its muscles, when it came to its own backyard. The North Korean/Sino relationship was more 'direct' and China was still yet to take a real 'great leap forward,' one in which its citizens gained in a far more pragmatic manner.
China is now a full member of the economic framework of the 21st Century; many would say the 'predominant member!' In the meantime, North Korea is the subject of various internationally imposed sanctions, and its economic efforts are skewered towards developing the 'military capacity of the nation, at the expense of a 'decent' life for its citizens. Life for the people of China is vastly different to that of the people across the border and any war, started by the North Koreans, or the USA, would impinge hugely on China.
It is becoming increasingly clear that China does not want a war, that such a conflagration, would spill over to affect much that China has gained over the last few decades. If there was ever a time, when cool heads were needed---we are witnessing it now. One would hope that China's experience re 'diplomacy,' one that has existed for thousands of years, will transcend the actions of the 'fools' who would take us to war--the ones in North Korea, and those in Washington.
Any move to 'disarm the nuclear capacity of North Korea, must be inclusive: China/USA and yes Russia! Therein lies the vexing problem---these nations must get beyond the underlying tensions, we are witnessing on the world stage. Can that happen? Will that happen?

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